How Customers Were Helped

This is what they are saying

Save Time

It was taking me forever to get our Human Resources services in order.  I was putting a policy and procedures together for the past two years, and it never got completed.  You were able to help us within a month to implement.

Save Money

After our HR audit, you were able to identify some of our practices that were illegal, because we were totally clueless. Thanks for getting us back on track, because were awaiting a $35,000.00 fine, your meticulous audit was able to help us avoid this.

The service is inexpensive for a small business owner, because I was able to receive full time Human Resources services and not pay a full time Human Resources staff salary for the year.

I didn’t realize that it was going to work out for cheaper. Big Savings!!!

Peace of Mind

You were able to help our company run smotthly and effectively.  We were tight for cash and doing everything, and my spouse was helping out with the Human Resources function whenever she had a litttle time. We thought it was not that important to bringing in money to the company. It turned out that we were unsure of what we were doing. Your free consultation definitely helped us identify that we needed some serious help to stay in compliance.  We now have peace of mind knowing that a professional is taking care of our HR.


I took my business to the next level.  I was trying to wear too many hats, doing the Human Resources area of my business, and was not focusing on overall business growth.  My business is doing much better, with increased clients.

Hire Smart


Your recruiting process identified the top employees. I tried hiring staff before, and they never stayed on, and you helped us identify the right fit.